Who we are

CloudZero is based in the heart of Boston and was founded by a team that has spent the last 6 years solving some of the worlds largest software development and security problems using Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  During that time we experienced all the growing pains, frustrations, costs, and security challenges that comes with new technology and rapid change. It doesn’t have to be that way though.  The Cloud enables us, for the first time, to monitor all aspects of the development and operational environment and provide active and predictive guidance to developers, operations and security teams.

More Dev, Easy Ops, All Secure: That’s CloudZero’s mission.


Erik Peterson - "The Product Guy"

Erik has spent 20+ years in technology, 18 in app security, 7 in cloud, with experience in sales, product management, marketing and engineering. Previous companies include Veracode, HP and SPI Dynamics

Matt Manger - "The Ops Guy"

Matt has spent 17+ years in technology with experience in services, analytics and operations. Previous companies include Toast, Veracode and Endeca.

Looking to make a dent in the universe and join an early stage startup like CloudZero? We’re hiring!


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